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Rose Quartz & Kyanite Gift Box
Wing & A Prayer

Rose Quartz & Kyanite Gift Box

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Build on your collection or give the most stunning gift with this beautiful box.  These crystals  make the perfect addition to the home.  The box includes :

Large Rose Quartz Chunck 

The stone of unconditional love, this stone opens up the heart to all levels of love. It brings compassion and comfort while raising self-esteem and self love. Brings emotional healing and is connected to the heart chakra

weight - 900grams 

Blue Kyanite Chunk

Blue kyanite is a high vibrational stone, it is an excellent stone for meditation. Kyanite has a calming affect in your whole being, bringing you tranquility.  It encourages psychic abilities and communication, it drives away anger, frustration, confusion and stress and opens up a pathway for clear thinking.  Kyanite is a supportive stone, that will encourage one to find their strengths 

weight - 780grams 

White Calcite Chunk 

White calcite is a great stone for cleansing and amplifying. It will bring clarity to a situation and offer insight when needed. It is a stone for finding solutions as it helps identify the cause of a problem and helps remove it. The stone is also the perfect meditation stone because of its ability to re-tune your chakras and cleanse the aura. Connected to the solar plexus 

weight - 120grams 

Amethyst cluster 

Amethyst is a master healer and gives a beautiful calming vibration. Amethyst helps relieve stress and anxiety and can be uplifting in times of sadness. This stone can absorb negative energy, removing it from the room. 

weight - 100grams